About Us

St. Albert Creative Preschool is a licensed, non-profit preschool for children ages 3-5. We offer a variety of programs that incorporate a learn through play based curriculum with an emphasis on early literacy. In our active learning environment, your child will be encouraged to openly explore and learn while learning to share and work with others.

Why Choose St. Albert Creative Preschool?

Child-led Learning

Our program planning is done on site by our qualified teachers. The program planning is adaptive and designed to meet your child’s individual needs. We know that all children gain new skills at their own rate and we work to support that skill development and enrich their learning process. 


We are the only not for profit preschool operating in St. Albert and surrounding areas. We are run by a dedicated board of directors and teachers who truly care about your family’s experience. 

Jolly Phonics

All three of our programs incorporate Jolly Phonics, a world-leading English literacy method. Students are taught letter sounds rather than letter names to help promote early literacy.

Registration Opens January 13 for Alumni and January 20 to the Public

We can’t wait to hear from you! For more information on programs and fees please click below.